Quickbooks is getting publicity as the software of choice for bankrupt crypto crooks
We're just getting started with this story that will be with us for a while. So much great reporting!
In my opinion, it's inaccurate to give Gary Gensler credit for chilling the crypto economy and way too soon for anyone to claim victory over fake money.
Auditors have to be either willfully blind or patently stupid to not realize billions are missing from balance sheets.
I've been consistent. I have to say I'm glad I was patient enough to see the rest of the world catch up and come around.
Auditor PwC seems to have escaped any blame but one of its audit partners is still subject to significant scrutiny.
How much is too much to pay for a strategic acquisition of a hot company, tech or trend? Almost everyone gets away with it unless they have to say…
Mazars resigns and disavows ten years of Trump Org financials. Nearly 15 years ago PwC did the same to Russian oil company Yukos.
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