I'm often asked where I get ideas for stories. This time former colleague Ciara Linnane asked me about a strange change at Pfizer that led to spotting…
Who would have thought I would get more online abuse from the cult of Buffett than from Musk's slew of supporters?
A Sunday wrap-up of takes, legal and otherwise, including mine
Buffett made sure he had something fun to talk about when he comes out of the turn, down the home stretch, and slides into home: the Berkshire Hathaway…
The BRK CEO takes a melancholy tone while living with the ghosts, and trying to get out without ever having to be the bad guy
Is the regulator ready for the flood of findings, fines, and sanctions that might jeopardize the viability of more than one firm?
JP Morgan has always thrown its weight around but should clients be wary of this new trend?
Ties were severed with an ease, and speed, that suggests auditor global networks may be more fragile than advertised.
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