A crypto CEO delivered a speech and FTX Trading, the offshore firm, posted its creditor list. Some Senators wrote a letter warning auditor are in deep…
We know which firms' engagements were inspected and we know the PCAOB already found deficiencies and issues to investigate further. But do investors…
Auditors have to be either willfully blind or patently stupid to not realize billions are missing from balance sheets.

December 2022

In my opinion, it's inaccurate to give Gary Gensler credit for chilling the crypto economy and way too soon for anyone to claim victory over fake money.
I am getting a lot of requests for podcasts. This one out of London was fun!
I've been consistent. I have to say I'm glad I was patient enough to see the rest of the world catch up and come around.

November 2022

A Note from Francine McKenna, Editor: It should be obvious by now that no government regulator, especially in the U.S. or U.K., will do anything to…
Should the cobbler’s children have shoes? It's unbelievable but, in the U.S., the auditors don't prepare GAAP financial statements and are not audited!
Criticism has been intense of Big Audit, for sure, but the tipping point to "the next Arthur Andersen" is not discussed in polite company.
We're just getting started with this story that will be with us for a while. So much great reporting!
I've been feeling like a broken record, having to repeat myself on audit all the time. Thank goodness for new issues and new audiences!

October 2022

Auditor PwC seems to have escaped any blame but one of its audit partners is still subject to significant scrutiny.