One question I get all the time is, "Are auditors obligated to detect fraud?"
This time the pitch was "bland Black media," creating a powerful dose of “stars in their eyes” for media and investors.
Gary Gensler may finally do what U.S. law has allowed for twenty years - delist Chinese companies that won't cooperate with U.S. regulators.
PwC was in the hot seat after results deteriorated for 2019. But overnight improvements in audit inspection results are not that easy to achieve.
Coinbase matches crypto trades and holds those assets for customers. Why resist securities?
Coinbase is resisting, on principle, almost every regulatory encroachment. How long can this go on?
Until something goes wrong, hardly anyone reads the 10-Ks or wants an audit
Mauro Botta sued PwC alleging the audit firm terminated him for blowing the whistle to the SEC. He lost his case but his experience provides plenty of …
A magnetar is a type of neutron star believed to have an extremely powerful magnetic field. Magnetar Capital uses its magnetic powers to attract a big …
It's a small win but a significant one. Watch this space...
How do companies sneak in bad news hoping the share price doesn't react and why are SPACs doing it so often lately?
I presented twice, on our KPMG/PCAOB teaching case and on auditors as whistleblowers