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There's a lot of work primarily flowing to only two firms. Are they getting paid enough to perform their market gatekeeper duties?
Are some U.S. public company balance sheets overvalued by the use of digital assets, including stablecoins?
Coinbase had a very long punch list from the SEC and it took a while for the regulator to get its arms around forks, airdrops, and staking — rhymes wit…
When a short-tenure CFO resigns unexpectedly it’s always worth taking a second look at what’s else has gone on
A panel on 10b5-1 plans at the SEC Investor Advisory Committee explained why Gary Gensler is now pointing a finger at insiders' trades. I hope Lordstow…
DC's AG says yes, too, and that consumers pay more because vendors lose access if they complain about how an alleged monopolist squeezes them
Progressives touted Biden’s choice of Gensler for SEC Chairman based on his track record on derivatives, but 11 years later that job still isn't finish…
The answer may be found in a great book called, "The Chickenshit Club" by Jesse Eisinger.
After the financial crisis the SEC seems to have decided accounting fraud is ok, as long as companies disclose it
Over the years, Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have acquired a lot of companies and paid quite a premium for the privilege.
Will negative news doom the Robinhood IPO? A sentiment check on similar attempts to go public while facing a storm of controversy may be instructive.